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B0E0E6B0E0E6B0E0E6B0E0E6B0E0E6176224230Powder Blue 🎨 RGB Color Code: #B0E0E6

The hexadecimal RGB code of Powder Blue color is #B0E0E6. This code is composed of a hexadecimal B0 red (176/256), a E0 green (224/256) and a E6 blue component (230/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(176,224,230). Closest WebSafe color: Baby blue eyes (#99CCFF)
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Powder Blue on Wikipedia

Powder blue
Powder blue is a pale shade of blue. As with most colours, there is no absolute definition of its exact hue. Originally, powder blue, in the 1650s, was
Powder Blue (film)
Powder Blue is a 2009 American drama film with an ensemble cast featuring several interconnected story arcs. It was written and directed by Timothy Linh
Powder Blue
Powder Blue may refer to: Powder blue, a shade of blue Powder Blue (film), written and directed by Timothy Linh Bui "Powder Blue", by Ween from 12 Golden
Denver Nuggets
the chest—it was "Nuggets" in powder blue, with royal blue and gold trim on the home white jersey, while the powder blue road jerseys had "Denver" in white
Shades of blue
known as sky blue, baby blue, or angel blue. The first recorded use of "light blue" as a color term in English is in 1915. Powder blue is a light bluish
Kansas City Royals
with a powder blue cap with blue brim in 2010. Unlike the previous powder blue uniform, this set is paired with the home white pants. Powder blue was added
Toronto Blue Jays
team name in a unique blue/white/blue split-letter style, with the team logo centred below. The road uniforms were powder blue, with the city name in
Acanthurus leucosternon
the surgeonfish family, Acanthuridae. Its common names are powder blue tang and powder-blue surgeonfish. The fish can reach an average size of 23 cm (9 in)
Powder (disambiguation)
Look up powder or pulverulence in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. A powder is a collection of very fine particles that may flow freely when shaken or
Los Angeles Chargers
with gold outlining and powder blue interior trim. The pants also have a redesigned lightning bolt in gold, with powder blue trim on a navy stripe. Additionally

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