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CD5700CD5700CD5700CD5700CD5700205870Tenne 🎨 RGB Color Code: #CD5700

The hexadecimal RGB code of Tenne color is #CD5700. This code is composed of a hexadecimal CD red (205/256), a 57 green (87/256) and a 00 blue component (0/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(205,87,0). Closest WebSafe color: Tenné (Tawny) (#CC6600)
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In heraldry, tenné (/ˈtɛni/; sometimes termed tenny or tawny) is a "stain", or non-standard tincture, of orange (in English blazonry), light brown (in
Sidon Tennes (Ancient Greek: Τέννης; Tabnit II in the Phoenician language) was a King of Sidon under the Achaemenid Empire, who ruled the Phoenician city-state
Babis Tennes
Babis Tennes (Greek: Μπάμπης Τεννές; born 17 November 1953) is a Greek professional football manager. Tennes began his professional coaching career with
TenneT is a transmission system operator in the Netherlands and in a large part of Germany. TenneT B.V. is the national electricity transmission system
Reshef Tenne
Reshef Tenne (Hebrew: born רשף טנא; 1944) is an Israeli scientist. Born in Kibbutz Usha, Tenne received his BSc in Chemistry and Physics from Hebrew University
Tawny (color)
Tawny (also called tenné) is a light brown to brownish-orange color. Look up tawny in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. The word means "tan-colored", from
jewelry, and stole-like, feathered, flowing scarves--called both Chányī/Tenne (纏衣, lit. a "Wrapping Raiment" or "Heavenly Raiment") and Yǔyī/Hagoromo
Stain (heraldry)
of a few non-standard tinctures or colours (namely murrey, sanguine and tenné), which are only known to occur in post-medieval heraldry and may be used
Turkmenistani manat
[failed verification] The manat is subdivided into 100 tenge (Turkmen: teňňe). Due to heavy inflation a new manat was introduced on 1 January 2009 at
Rock carvings at Tennes
Rock carvings at Tennes (Helleristning i Tennes) in Balsfjord Municipality in Troms county, Norway comprise figures of prehistoric rock art (bergkunst)

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