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7FFFD47FFFD47FFFD47FFFD47FFFD4127255212Aquamarine 🎨 RGB Color Code: #7FFFD4

The hexadecimal RGB code of Aquamarine color is #7FFFD4. This code is composed of a hexadecimal 7F red (127/256), a FF green (255/256) and a D4 blue component (212/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(127,255,212). Closest WebSafe color: Aquamarine (#66FFCC)
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Aquamarine on Wikipedia

Aquamarine may refer to: Aquamarine (color), a shade between green and blue Aquamarine (gemstone), a type of blue beryl Aquamarine may also refer to: Aquamarine
Aquamarine (film)
Aquamarine is a 2006 American fantasy romantic comedy film directed by Elizabeth Allen, loosely based on the 2001 young adult novel of the same name by
formula Be3Al2Si6O18. Well-known varieties of beryl include emerald and aquamarine. Naturally occurring, hexagonal crystals of beryl can be up to several
Aquamarine (color)
Aquamarine is a color that is a light tint of spring green, in between cyan and green on the color wheel. It is named after the mineral aquamarine, a gemstone
Aquamarine (novel)
Aquamarine is a novel by Alice Hoffman, published in April 2001. A film adaptation was released in 2006, although the plot of the film bears little resemblance
Aquamarine Fukushima
Aquamarine Fukushima (アクアマリンふくしま, Akuamarin Fukushima) (officially Marine Science Museum, Fukushima Prefecture (ふくしま海洋科学館, Fukushima Kaiyō Kagakukan))
Emma Roberts
More, in 2005. Roberts went on to appear in numerous films, including Aquamarine (2006), Nancy Drew (2007), Wild Child (2008), Hotel for Dogs (2009), Valentine's
Dom Pedro aquamarine
The Dom Pedro aquamarine is the world's largest cut aquamarine gem. It was cut from a crystal originally weighing approximately 100 pounds (45 kg) and
Sara Paxton
(2004-2006) and Sarah Borden in Summerland (2004). Paxton's other films include Aquamarine (2006), Return to Halloweentown (2006), Sydney White (2007), Superhero
Aquamarine (video game)
Aquamarine is an upcoming turn based survival video game developed by the American developer Moebial Studios. It is set to launch on Windows, MacOS and

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