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The hexadecimal RGB code of Blanched Almond color is #FFEBCD. This code is composed of a hexadecimal FF red (255/256), a EB green (235/256) and a CD blue component (205/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(255,235,205). Closest WebSafe color: Cream (#FFFFCC)
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Blanched Almond on Wikipedia

removing the shell to reveal the seed. Almonds are sold shelled or unshelled. Blanched almonds are shelled almonds that have been treated with hot water
X11 color names
Violet Red 100%/86% 38°   Moccasin, 351°   Light Pink 100%/90% 36°   Blanched Almond, 54°   Lemon Chiffon 67%/94% 30°   Linen, 240°   Lavender 100%/94%
Almond meal
Almond meal, almond flour or ground almond is made from ground sweet almonds. Almond flour is usually made with blanched almonds (no skin), whereas almond
Blanching (cooking)
and nut peeling are also important in food processing. When almonds or pistachios are blanched, the skin of the nut (botanically the seed coat surrounding
Aboukir almonds
Aboukir in Egypt. The sweet is made with whole almonds that are blanched, then roasted and set aside. More almonds are then made into a paste and coloured green
Raffaello (confection)
spherical wafer which is filled with a white milk cream and white blanched almonds. It is then surrounded by a coconut layer. It does contain lactose
List of colors: A–F
RAL Black Shadows #BFAFB2 75% 69% 70% 349° 11% 72% 8% 75% Crayola Blanched almond #FFEBCD 100% 92% 80% 36° 100% 90% 20% 100% X11/Web Blast-off bronze
List of colors (compact)
Bittersweet shimmer Black Black bean Black coral Black olive Black Shadows Blanched almond Blast-off bronze Bleu de France Blizzard blue Blood red Blue Blue (Crayola)
Almond pudding
of bread pudding thickened with blanched almonds and baked in puff pastry. Elizabeth Moxon also uses balanced almonds to thicken bread pudding, that can
Orgeat syrup
Book: Take a pound and a quarter of bitter almonds, and half a pound of sweet almonds, which have been blanched, nine pounds of loaf sugar, six pints of

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