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1261801261801261801261801261801897128Blue Sapphire 🎨 RGB Color Code: #126180

The hexadecimal RGB code of Blue Sapphire color is #126180. This code is composed of a hexadecimal 12 red (18/256), a 61 green (97/256) and a 80 blue component (128/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(18,97,128). Closest WebSafe color: Medium Persian blue (#006699)
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Blue Sapphire on Wikipedia

The name sapphire is derived via the Latin sapphirus from the Greek sappheiros (σάπφειρος), which referred to lapis lazuli. It is typically blue, but natural
Sapphire (color)
the color sapphire are blue sapphire or sapphire blue, shown below. Displayed at right is the color sapphire. The first recorded use of sapphire as a color
Case Closed: The Fist of Blue Sapphire
Case Closed: The Fist of Blue Sapphire, known as Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire (名探偵コナン 紺青の拳(フィスト), Meitantei Konan: Konjō no Fisuto) in Japan
Logan Sapphire
The Logan Sapphire is a 422.98-carat (84.596 g) sapphire from Sri Lanka. One of the largest blue faceted sapphires in the world, it was owned by Sir Victor
Blue Sapphire (ship)
Blue Sapphire is a cruise ship owned and operated by ANEX Tour. She was originally built in 1981 by Bremer Vulkan of Germany for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises as
Sapphire jubilee
In 2017, the term sapphire jubilee or blue sapphire jubilee was coined for the celebrations to mark the 65th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth
Stuart Sapphire
The Stuart Sapphire is a blue sapphire that forms part of the British Crown Jewels. It weighs 104 carats (20.8 grams) and is believed to have originated
Cornflower blue
The most valuable blue sapphires are called cornflower blue, having a medium-dark violet-blue hue. Robert Boyle reported a blue dye produced from the
Neela (goddess)
balances and increases power of Shani and is the goddess of the gemstone Blue Sapphire gemstone. Her son Kuligna is a Rishi. Her husband, Shani, also married
Bombay Sapphire
colonial India; "Bombay" refers to the Indian city and "Sapphire" refers to the violet-blue Star of Bombay which was mined from British Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

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