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C95A49C95A49C95A49C95A49C95A492019073Cedar Chest 🎨 RGB Color Code: #C95A49

The hexadecimal RGB code of Cedar Chest color is #C95A49. This code is composed of a hexadecimal C9 red (201/256), a 5A green (90/256) and a 49 blue component (73/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(201,90,73). Closest WebSafe color: Ruddy brown (#CC6633)
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Cedar Chest on Wikipedia

Hope chest
A hope chest, also called dowry chest, cedar chest, trousseau chest, or glory box, is a piece of furniture once commonly used by unmarried young women
western North America. Cedar wood and cedarwood oil are natural repellents to moths, hence cedar is a popular lining for cedar chests and closets in which
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Paul Catawba #703642 44% 21% 26% 348° 35% 33% 52% 44% Maerz and Paul Cedar Chest #C95A49 79% 35% 29% 8° 54% 54% 64% 79% Crayola Celadon #ACE1AF 67% 88%
Altavista, Virginia
this new venture was, it was simply incorporated as the Standard Red Cedar Chest Company. During World War I, the company was contracted to build ammunition
kill it, they could not find it. (Compare the infancy of Perseus.) The cedar chest of Cypselus, richly worked with mythological narratives and adorned with
Temple of Hera, Olympia
There is also a chest made of cedar [the chest of Kypselos], with figures on it, some of ivory, some of gold, others carved out of the cedar-wood itself
Radium dial
pants returned from a dry cleaner and from clothes stored away in a cedar chest." According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, "radioactive
Bloody Springs massacre
Degler's cedar chest with tomahawks, thinking that he was hiding inside it. When Degler returned to his home, the Indians apologized for breaking the chest. As
Cambridge Apostles
which each member has spoken. It was included in the so-called Ark, a cedar chest containing collection of papers with some handwritten notes from the
Juniperus virginiana
is in demand as lining for clothes chests and closets, which are often denominated "cedar closets" and "cedar chests." If correctly prepared, excellent

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