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E9967AE9967AE9967AE9967AE9967A233150122Dark Salmon 🎨 RGB Color Code: #E9967A

The hexadecimal RGB code of Dark Salmon color is #E9967A. This code is composed of a hexadecimal E9 red (233/256), a 96 green (150/256) and a 7A blue component (122/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(233,150,122). Closest WebSafe color: Atomic tangerine (#FF9966)
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Salmon (color)
crayon colors. Light salmon has a yellower hue and less saturation when compared to salmon. Dark salmon resembles the color light salmon, but is grayer. Like
X11 color names
Purple 100%/27% 0°   Dark Red, 180°   Dark Cyan, 240°   Dark Blue, 300°   Dark Magenta 100%/41% 181°   Dark Turquoise, 282°   Dark Violet 100%/49% 90°
Chum salmon
The chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta), also known as dog salmon or keta salmon, is a species of anadromous salmonid fish from the genus Oncorhynchus (Pacific
Coho salmon
a pronounced red skin color with darker backs and spots, with females having darker shades than males. Coho salmon average 20 to 28 inches (50.8 to 71
Salmon (/ˈsæmən/; pl.: salmon) is the common name for several commercially important species of euryhaline ray-finned fish from the genera Salmo and Oncorhynchus
List of colors (alphabetical)
green Dark purple Dark raspberry Dark red Dark salmon Dark sea green Dark sienna Dark sky blue Dark slate blue Dark slate gray Dark spring green Dark tan
List of colors: A–F
80% X11/Web Dark purple #301934 19% 10% 20% 291° 35% 15% 51% 20% ISCC-NBS Dark red #8B0000 55% 0% 0% 0° 100% 27% 100% 55% X11/Web Dark salmon #E9967A 91%
Smoked salmon
Smoked salmon is a preparation of salmon, typically a fillet that has been cured and hot or cold smoked. Due to its moderately high price, smoked salmon is
Dark web
0200908a. Lacey, David; Salmon, Paul M (2015). "It's Dark in There: Using Systems Analysis to Investigate Trust and Engagement in Dark Web Forums". In Harris
Kokanee salmon
The kokanee salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka), also known as the kokanee trout, little redfish, silver trout, kikanning, Kennerly's salmon, Kennerly's trout

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