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2F4F4F2F4F4F2F4F4F2F4F4F2F4F4F477979Dark Slate Gray 🎨 RGB Color Code: #2F4F4F

The hexadecimal RGB code of Dark Slate Gray color is #2F4F4F. This code is composed of a hexadecimal 2F red (47/256), a 4F green (79/256) and a 4F blue component (79/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(47,79,79). Closest WebSafe color: Viridian (#336666)
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Slate gray
colored slate gray. Military The Fleet Air Arm aircraft Temperate Day Scheme in the World War Two was dark slate gray over extra dark sea gray on top sides
X11 color names
and shades. 0°/41% 0%   Dim Gray, 59%   Brown 120°/50% 61%   Lime Green, 100%   Green / Lime 180°/25% 25%   Dark Slate Gray, 100%   Teal 240°/27% 64%  
Shades of gray
Davy's gray is a dark gray color, made from powdered slate, iron oxide and carbon black named for Henry Davy. The first recorded use of Davy’s gray as a
Dark-eyed junco
slate-colored dark-eyed junco (J. h. hyemalis) x Oregon dark-eyed junco (J. h. oreganus) hybrid) These two or three subspecies have dark slate-gray heads
Gray whale
Eschrichtius gibbosus was proposed. The gray whale has a dark slate-gray color and is covered by characteristic gray-white patterns, which are scars left
List of colors: A–F
Pantone Dark slate blue #483D8B 28% 24% 55% 248° 39% 39% 56% 55% X11/Web Dark slate gray #2F4F4F 18% 31% 31% 180° 25% 25% 41% 31% X11/Web Dark spring green
List of colors (alphabetical)
green Dark purple Dark raspberry Dark red Dark salmon Dark sea green Dark sienna Dark sky blue Dark slate blue Dark slate gray Dark spring green Dark tan
relatives. These birds are characterized by considerable amounts of dark slate-gray in their plumage; their malar areas are nearly always black. They feed
for gill openings. These fish have a yellowish gray or pinkish toned ground color with dark slate-gray splotches, creating a marbling or leopard effect
New York City Subway map
in 1967; in 1968 all six became green, and in 1979 all shuttles became dark gray. The maps were adjusted according to the service letters, numbers, and

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