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DA3287DA3287DA3287DA3287DA328721850135Deep Cerise 🎨 RGB Color Code: #DA3287

The hexadecimal RGB code of Deep Cerise color is #DA3287. This code is composed of a hexadecimal DA red (218/256), a 32 green (50/256) and a 87 blue component (135/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(218,50,135). Closest WebSafe color: Royal fuchsia (#CC3399)
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Cerise (color)
Cerise (/səˈriːs/ or /səˈriːz/; French pronunciation: ​[sə.ʁiz]) is a deep to vivid reddish pink. The colour or name comes from the French word cerise
List of colors: A–F
33% —° 0% 33% 0% 33% Deep cerise #DA3287 85% 20% 53% 330° 69% 53% 77% 85% Deep champagne #FAD6A5 98% 84% 65% 35° 90% 81% 34% 98% Deep chestnut #B94E48 73%
Cerise may refer to: The French word for cherry, a fruit Cerise (color), a deep to vivid pinkish red Cerisé, a French commune Cerise (satellite) Cerise
List of colors (compact)
grey Deep cerise Deep champagne Deep chestnut Deep fuchsia Deep jungle green Deep lemon Deep mauve Deep pink Deep sky blue Deep Space Sparkle Deep Taupe
Dianthus alpinus
lanceolate leaves, 15–25 mm long and 2–5 mm wide. The flowers are a deep cerise pink with white spots, appearing from June to August. A calcicole, the
Le Temps des cerises
Le Temps des cerises (French: [lə tɑ̃ de səʁiz], The Time of Cherries) is a song written in France in 1866, with words by Jean-Baptiste Clément and music
Amaranth (color)
Amaranth deep purple is the tone of amaranth that is called amaranth in the 1930 book by Maerz and Paul A Dictionary of Color. Amaranth (dye) Cerise (color)
Laurentien (art supplies)
assigned to each color. 1: Deep Yellow 2: Orange (originally Sarasota Orange) 3: Poppy Red 4: Cerise (originally Hollywood Cerise) 5: Purple (originally Orchid
Tertiary color
  iris   indigo   veronica   violet   amethyst   purple   phlox   magenta   fuchsia   cerise   deep pink   rose   raspberry   crimson   amaranth   red
Cereza is also known under the synonyms Ceresa, Ceresina, Cereza Italiana, Cerise, and Chereza. J. Robinson Jancis Robinson's Wine Course Third Edition pg

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