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A95C68A95C68A95C68A95C68A95C6816992104Deep Puce 🎨 RGB Color Code: #A95C68

The hexadecimal RGB code of Deep Puce color is #A95C68. This code is composed of a hexadecimal A9 red (169/256), a 5C green (92/256) and a 68 blue component (104/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(169,92,104). Closest WebSafe color: Copper rose (#996666)
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Puce is a dark red or purple brown color, a brownish purple or a "dark reddish brown." The colour is said to be the color of bloodstains on linen or bedsheets
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Hotel', 1894), La Dame de chez Maxim ('The lady from Maxim's', 1899), La Puce à l'oreille ('A flea in her ear', 1907) and Occupe-toi d'Amélie! ('Look after
Textile Paper eXtended (TPX)" color list, color #14-3207 TPX—Pink Lavender. Puce is a medium grayish red-violet color. The color pale red-violet (identical
Shades of brown
names on different color lists, and sometimes one name (such as beige or puce) can refer to several very different colors. The X11 color list of web colors
List of colors (alphabetical)
grey Deep cerise Deep champagne Deep chestnut Deep fuchsia Deep jungle green Deep lemon Deep mauve Deep pink Deep sky blue Deep Space Sparkle Deep Taupe
Yves Duteil
has translated in German the songs "La tarentelle" (Die Tarantella), "La puce et le pianiste" (Der Floh und der Pianist), "Lucile et les libelulles" (Sibyll
Irish Water Spaniel
consisting of dense curls, sheds very little. (see Moult) The colour is liver/puce and has a very definite purple hue unlike the colour of any other known breed
Rockingham Pottery
distinct periods: 1826–1830, the so-called red-mark period, and 1831–1842, the puce-mark period. As their names suggest, these periods are defined by the backstamps
David Hemmings
Mamas and the Papas performed next to a swimming pool filled with doves dyed puce. Of his relationship with Hunnicutt, Hemmings remarked, "We were the poor
Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome
Italian silent film L'Inferno. Near the end, scenes from Anger's 1949 film Puce Moment are interpolated into the layered images and faces. The film was screened

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