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696969696969696969696969696969105105105Dim Gray 🎨 RGB Color Code: #696969

The hexadecimal RGB code of Dim Gray color is #696969. This code is composed of a hexadecimal 69 red (105/256), a 69 green (105/256) and a 69 blue component (105/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(105,105,105). Closest WebSafe color: Dim gray (#666666)
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X11 color names
in e.g. 'Gray96'  , which happens to be the same as 'White Smoke'. Similarly 'Dim Gray' is the same as 'Gray41'  . On the other hand, 'Gray'   lies between
Shades of gray
colors gray, gainsboro, light gray, dark gray, and dim gray are all achromatic colors. A chromatic gray is a gray color in which the red, green, and blue
Shades of black
and the darkest at the bottom. Dim gray #696969 The web color dim gray is a dark tone of gray. The color name dim gray first came into use in 1987, when
List of colors: A–F
33° 41% 59% 45% 76% Desert sand #EDC9AF 93% 79% 69% 25° 63% 81% 26% 93% Dim gray #696969 41% 41% 41% —° 0% 41% 0% 41% Dodger blue #1E90FF 12% 56% 100% 210°
Gear pump
Suction and pressure ports need to interface where the gears mesh (shown as dim gray lines in the internal pump images). Some internal gear pumps have an additional
List of colors (compact)
Deep Space Sparkle Deep Taupe Denim Denim Blue Desert Desert sand Diamond Dim gray Dingy Dungeon Dirt Dodger blue Dogwood rose Duke blue Dutch white Earth
Guy Davenport
Eleventh North Devonshire Fusiliers (North Point Press, 1990) The Lark (Dim Gray Bar Press, 1993) (limited ed., illustrated by Davenport) A Table of Green
Jim Harrison
Before Dark: Collected Nonfiction (1991) The Raw and the Cooked (1992) Dim Gray Bar Press ltd ed The Raw and the Cooked: Adventures of a Roving Gourmand'
Digital Light Processing
walls of the DMD / lens chamber, this scattered light will be visible as a dim gray on the projection screen, when the image is fully dark. Deeper blacks and
Barry Magid
limited editions of handset and handprinted books under his own imprint, Dim Gray Bar Press. Among the titles he published was a volume of the collected

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There are many ways to mix/generate a color. Computer screens display the required color mixing tiny red, green and blue lights (RGB). Turning off all three components results in a black pixel, while if all components are lit up on full brightness that results a white light.

In print we use cyan, yellow, magenta and black (CMYK) inks because usually we print on a white paper. In this case the lack of the ink will result white paper, and we get a dark shade if more colors are mixed together. We can also define a color by hue, saturation and value (HSV).