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96C8A296C8A296C8A296C8A296C8A2150200162Eton Blue 🎨 RGB Color Code: #96C8A2

The hexadecimal RGB code of Eton Blue color is #96C8A2. This code is composed of a hexadecimal 96 red (150/256), a C8 green (200/256) and a A2 blue component (162/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(150,200,162). Closest WebSafe color: Eton blue (#99CC99)
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Eton blue
Eton blue, or Shelduck blue, is a shade of green used since the early 19th century by sportsmen of Eton College. It is also used by Geelong Grammar School
Eton College
Eton College (/ˈiːtən/) is a public school (fee-charging and boarding for secondary school age boys) in Eton, Berkshire, England. It was founded in 1440
Oxford Blue (colour)
Cambridge Blue is said to have derived from Eton blue. Blue (university sport) Blue (university sport)#University of Oxford Cambridge Blue (colour) Palatinate
List of colors: A–F
100% 25% 135° 100% 50% 100% 100% Maerz and Paul Eton blue #96C8A2 59% 78% 64% 134° 31% 69% 25% 78% Eton College Fallow #C19A6B 76% 60% 42% 33° 41% 59%
Eton crop
The Eton crop is a type of very short, slicked-down crop hairstyle for women. It became popular during the 1920s because it was ideal to showcase the shape
School colors
Cambridge blue for the Boat Race against the University of Oxford in 1836, Westminster School have used pink as their color since a boat race against Eton School
Chelsea F.C.
Chelsea F.C. kits. Chelsea have always worn blue shirts, although they originally used the paler eton blue, which was taken from the racing colours of
The English Game
of blue and white. The maroon colour may have been chosen to differentiate Blackburn from the Old Etonians, who are always shown wearing Eton blue shirts
List of colors (alphabetical)
Blizzard blue Blood red Blue Blue (Crayola) Blue (Munsell) Blue (NCS) Blue (Pantone) Blue (pigment) Blue bell Blue-gray Blue-gray (Crayola) Blue-green Blue jeans
Bradfield College
Anthony Chenevix-Trench, headmaster 1955–1963, subsequently headmaster of Eton College and Fettes College Harold Costley-White, Anglican priest and headmaster

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