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E9D66BE9D66BE9D66BE9D66BE9D66B233214107Arylide Yellow 🎨 RGB Color Code: #E9D66B

The hexadecimal RGB code of Arylide Yellow color is #E9D66B. This code is composed of a hexadecimal E9 red (233/256), a D6 green (214/256) and a 6B blue component (107/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(233,214,107). Closest WebSafe color: Jonquil (#FFCC66)
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Arylide Yellow on Wikipedia

Arylide yellow
Arylide yellow, also known as Hansa yellow and monoazo yellow, is a family of organic compounds used as pigments. They are primarily used as industrial
highly saturated yellow or simplicity of color mixing. The most common is the monoazo arylide yellow family, first marketed as Hansa Yellow. Curcuma longa
List of colors by shade
available blue pigments tend to be comparatively weaker; the stronger red and yellow colors prevail, thus creating the following tones. The color brown can also
List of colors: A–F
69° 44% 23% 61% 33% Artichoke #8F9779 56% 59% 47% 76° 13% 53% 20% 59% Arylide yellow #E9D66B 91% 84% 42% 51° 74% 67% 54% 91% Ash gray #B2BEB5 70% 75% 71%
List of colors (compact)
Apple green Apricot Aqua Aquamarine Arctic lime Army green Artichoke Arylide yellow Ash grey Asparagus Atomic tangerine Auburn Aureolin Avocado Azure Azure
(CH2CO)2   →   ArNHC(O)CH2C(O)CH3 These acetoacetamides are precursors to arylide yellow and diarylide pigments. Diketenes with two alkyl chains are used in
Chrome yellow
in turn are increasingly replaced with organic pigments such as arylides (Pigment Yellow 65) and isoindoles (PY 110). After working with the natural mineral
derivatives) are used in the production of organic pigments called arylide yellows. Acetoacetanilide is prepared by acetoacetylation of aniline using
Acetoacetic acid
acetoacetylation reaction, which is widely used in the production of arylide yellows and diarylide dyes. Although the esters can be used in this reaction
Pigment Yellow 16
is used as a yellow colorant, and is classified as an arylide yellow. Also called permanent yellow, its color index number is 20040. The compound is obtained

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