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DA70D6DA70D6DA70D6DA70D6DA70D6218112214Orchid 🎨 RGB Color Code: #DA70D6

The hexadecimal RGB code of Orchid color is #DA70D6. This code is composed of a hexadecimal DA red (218/256), a 70 green (112/256) and a D6 blue component (214/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(218,112,214). Closest WebSafe color: Orchid (#CC66CC)
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Orchids are plants that belong to the family Orchidaceae (/ɔːrkəˈdeɪʃiː/), a diverse and widespread group of flowering plants with blooms that are often
Orchid (disambiguation)
Look up orchid in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. An orchid is a member of the flowering plant family Orchidaceae. Orchid may also refer to: Orchid I. Jordan
Orchid (color)
Orchid is a bright rich purple color that resembles the color which various orchids often exhibit. Various tones of orchid may range from grayish purple
Ghost orchid
Ghost orchid, is a common name for several orchids, and may refer to: Dendrophylax lindenii, the American ghost orchid Epipogium aphyllum, the Eurasian
Orchid tree
Orchid tree is a common name for several tree species, including: In the genus Bauhinia: Bauhinia blakeana Bauhinia forficata Bauhinia monandra Bauhinia
Black orchid
Black orchid or Black Orchid may refer to: Black Orchid (comics), a DC Comics miniseries created by Neil Gaiman Black Orchid (character), a character from
Typhoon Orchid
The name Orchid has been used for five tropical cyclones in the Western Pacific basin. Typhoon Orchid (1980) Typhoon Orchid (1983) Typhoon Orchid (1987)
Christmas orchid
Christmas orchid is a name for various orchids, flowering around the time of Christmas or otherwise popular as a Christmas decoration: Angraecum sesquipedale
Wild Orchid
Wild Orchid may refer to: Wild orchid, a noncultivated orchid Wild Orchids (film), a 1929 MGM film starring Greta Garbo Wild Orchid (film), a 1989 film
Dendrophylax lindenii
Dendrophylax lindenii, the ghost orchid (a common name also used for Epipogium aphyllum) is a perennial epiphyte from the orchid family (Orchidaceae). It is

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