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D10056D10056D10056D10056D10056209086Rubine Red 🎨 RGB Color Code: #D10056

The hexadecimal RGB code of Rubine Red color is #D10056. This code is composed of a hexadecimal D1 red (209/256), a 00 green (0/256) and a 56 blue component (86/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(209,0,86). Closest WebSafe color: Debian red (#CC0066)
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Ruby (color)
shade of red or pink. The first recorded use of ruby as a color name in English was in 1572. Displayed at right is the Pantone color rubine red. The color
Flag of Malta
The red hue in the Maltese flag is officially documented as Pantone 186 C, RGB (207,20,43), Hex #CF142B or Spot Colour - 50% rubine red • 50% warm red. The
of those new: Bright Red, Pink, Medium Purple and Dark Blue. Other 6 were in the system before: Yellow 012, Orange 021, Rubine Red, Green, Process Blue
Rocky Mountain Vibes
titles (0) None Team data Name Rocky Mountain Vibes (2019–present) Colors Rubine red, navy, gold, sky blue, tan           Ballpark UCHealth Park (2019–present)
Congo red
name: Congo rubine, Congo corinth, brilliant Congo, Congo orange, Congo brown, and Congo blue. Once of economic significance, Congo red has fallen into
List of colors: N–Z
339° 58% 54% 66% 81% Rubine red #D10056 82% 0% 34% 335° 100% 41% 100% 82% Ruby #E0115F 88% 7% 37% 337° 86% 47% 92% 88% Ruby red #9B111E 61% 7% 12% 354°
Harold Lohner
Postscript Always Renders Twice - an interview by James Arboghast / Typodermic Rubine Red Gallery Exhibition page Harold Lohner, Drawin' men by Joseph Dalton Harold
Lithol Rubine BK
Lithol Rubine BK is a reddish synthetic azo dye. It has the appearance of a red powder and is magenta when printed. It is slightly soluble in hot water
Jacob Semiatin
2021 — The Estate Collection, Rubine Red Gallery, Palm Springs, California Ongoing 2022 — The Estate Collection, Rubine Red Gallery, Palm Springs, California
Boulder, CO, RWH Publishing, ISBN 978-0-9645097-6-4 Milisenda, C C (2005). "Rubine mit bleihaltigen Glasern gefullt". Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gemmologischen

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