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8B45138B45138B45138B45138B45131396919Saddle Brown 🎨 RGB Color Code: #8B4513

The hexadecimal RGB code of Saddle Brown color is #8B4513. This code is composed of a hexadecimal 8B red (139/256), a 45 green (69/256) and a 13 blue component (19/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(139,69,19). Closest WebSafe color: Brown  (#993300)
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Saddle Brown on Wikipedia

The saddle is a supportive structure for a rider of an animal, fastened to an animal's back by a girth. The most common type is the equestrian saddle designed
Brown-mantled tamarin
The brown-mantled tamarin (Leontocebus fuscicollis), also known as Spix's saddle-back tamarin, is a species of saddle-back tamarin from South America
X11 color names
Deep Sky Blue, 240°   Blue, 300°   Fuchsia / Magenta 25%/65% 0°   Rosy Brown, 120°   Dark Sea Green 59–60%/65% 260°   Medium Purple, 302°   Orchid, 340°
Bicycle saddle
A bicycle saddle, often called a bicycle seat, is one of five contact points on an upright bicycle, the others being the two pedals and the two handles
seatpost, seatpin, saddlepole, saddle pillar, or saddle pin is a tube that extends upwards from the bicycle frame to the saddle. The amount that it extends
List of colors: N–Z
80% 85% Sacramento State green #043927 2% 22% 15% 160° 87% 12% 93% 22% Saddle brown #8B4513 55% 27% 7% 25° 76% 31% 86% 55% Safety orange #FF7800 100% 47%
List of colors (compact)
Russet Russian green Russian violet Rust Rusty red Sacramento State green Saddle brown Safety orange Safety orange (blaze orange) Safety yellow Saffron Sage
DMC DeLorean
Officer. This car, VIN #4300, is equipped with a manual transmission and a saddle-brown interior. Marshall donated his DeLorean to the William F. Harrah Foundation/National
McClellan saddle
The McClellan saddle was a riding saddle designed by George B. McClellan, after his tour of Europe as the member of a military commission charged with
Man in the Saddle (1951 film)
Haycox. Man in the Saddle was the first of the many lucrative collaborations between its star Randolph Scott and producer Harry Joe Brown. The film's plot

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