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CB410BCB410BCB410BCB410BCB410B2036511Sinopia 🎨 RGB Color Code: #CB410B

The hexadecimal RGB code of Sinopia color is #CB410B. This code is composed of a hexadecimal CB red (203/256), a 41 green (65/256) and a 0B blue component (11/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(203,65,11). Closest WebSafe color: Mahogany (#CC3300)
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Sinopia on Wikipedia

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Sinopia (also known as sinoper, named after the now Turkish city Sinop) is a dark reddish-brown natural earth pigment, whose reddish colour comes from
Brancacci Chapel
of Sinopia during the Renaissance period (present Turkey), currently depleted, gave the name to the method. During Giotto times and before Sinopia was
Puanama sinopia
Puanama sinopia is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Galileo and Martins in 1995. It is known from Brazil.
on this underlayer, which would never be seen, in a red pigment called sinopia, a name also used to refer to these under-paintings. Later,[when?]new techniques
Casein paint
Colors". Dick Blick Art Materials. Retrieved 2017-09-23. "Sinopia Casein & Milk Paint Recipe". Sinopia. Archived from the original on 2017-09-24. Retrieved
Venetian red
color often used in Italian Renaissance paintings. It was also called sinopia because the best-quality pigment came from the port of Sinop in northern
this colour was called sealed Sinope. Later the Latin and Italian name sinopia was given to wide range of dark red ochre pigments. Roman triumphators
and the treasures of the cathedral. Museo delle Sinopie: showing the sinopias from the camposanto, the monumental cemetery. These are red ocher underdrawings
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3° 16% 72% 12% 77% Silver sand #BFC1C2 75% 76% 76% 200° 2% 75% 2% 76% Sinopia #CB410B 80% 25% 4% 17° 90% 42% 95% 80% Sizzling Red #FF3855 100% 22% 33%
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(Metallic) Silver chalice Silver foil Silver Lake blue Silver pink Silver sand Sinopia Sizzling Red Sizzling Sunrise Skobeloff Sky blue Sky blue (Crayola) Sky

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