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CC4E5CCC4E5CCC4E5CCC4E5CCC4E5C2047892Dark Terra Cotta 🎨 RGB Color Code: #CC4E5C

The hexadecimal RGB code of Dark Terra Cotta color is #CC4E5C. This code is composed of a hexadecimal CC red (204/256), a 4E green (78/256) and a 5C blue component (92/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(204,78,92). Closest WebSafe color: Fuzzy Wuzzy (#CC6666)
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Dark Terra Cotta on Wikipedia

Terracotta Army
A. R. (12 October 2016). "Discoveries May Rewrite History of China's Terra-Cotta Warriors". National Geographic. Archived from the original on 28 February
Glazed architectural terra-cotta
Glazed architectural terra cotta is a ceramic masonry building material used as a decorative skin. It featured widely in the 'terracotta revival' from
Salmon (color)
salmon. Dark salmon resembles the color light salmon, but is grayer. Like the web colors shown above, it is used in HTML and CSS. Terra cotta is a tone
Buckingham Building
granite, and terra cotta. The front facade is composed of five bays divided by piers; the three central bays are faced with dark terra cotta to add vertical
Carbide & Carbon Building
Michigan Avenue in Chicago. It is clad in black granite, green and gold terra cotta, with gold leaf and bronze trim. It was converted to a hotel in 2004
Third National Bank Building
Revival style steel frame building. It is sheathed in dark red brick and stone with a molded terra cotta covered top story. It features a projecting main entrance
Roanoke Building
original cornice, the top rank of arches disappeared. The building uses dark terra cotta with italianate designs. The vaulted ceiling and marble wall lobby
Ely Walker Lofts
Dark gray terracotta ornaments the spandrels at several stories. Especially noteworthy is the monumental entrance featuring ornamental terra cotta in
Former Pomona High School
filled between the wings. It is faced with dark bricks accented with limestone, concrete, and terra cotta ornament. The building features a one-story
Dermon Building
architectural terra cotta from the 1920s. The Dermon Building is a ten-story structure, rectangular in plan, 149 feet wide by 75 feet deep. It is built of dark brown

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