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2E2D882E2D882E2D882E2D882E2D884645136Cosmic Cobalt 🎨 RGB Color Code: #2E2D88

The hexadecimal RGB code of Cosmic Cobalt color is #2E2D88. This code is composed of a hexadecimal 2E red (46/256), a 2D green (45/256) and a 88 blue component (136/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(46,45,136). Closest WebSafe color: Blue (pigment) (#333399)
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List of Crayola crayon colors
below: Aged Copper Aztec Gold Bluetonium Brass Bronze Cadmium Red Cast Iron Cobalt Blue Copper Gold Kryptonite Rust Silver Steel Blue Tarnished Gold Titanium
List of colors: A–F
#FFF8DC 100% 97% 86% 48° 100% 93% 14% 100% Cosmic cobalt #2E2D88 18% 18% 53% 241° 50% 36% 67% 53% Cosmic latte #FFF8E7 100% 97% 91% 43° 100% 95% 9% 100%
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University of Cape Coast
5.1036°N 1.2825°W / 5.1036; -1.2825 Campus Suburban area Colours Cosmic Cobalt, White, Aureolin and Vermilion         Nickname Cape Vars (University
Abundance of the chemical elements
more common than their cosmic abundance. The reason is that they combine with each other to form silicate minerals. Other cosmically-common elements such
Induced radioactivity
enough to induce this reaction. The isotopes used in food irradiation (cobalt-60, caesium-137) both have energy peaks below this cutoff and thus cannot
in IEEE 802.1p Class of service (COS), a parameter in telephone systems Cobalt sulfide COS (operating system), a Linux-based operating system, China COS
universe. The X-Men are younger, wear black and gold uniforms and supernatural/cosmic elements are downplayed. Additionally Colossus is gay unlike his main universe
List of PlayStation 2 games (A–K)
J-Phoenix: Burst Tactics Takara Takara 2002-04-25JP ✔ Kikou Heidan J-Phoenix: Cobalt Shoutaihen Takara Takara 2002-12-05JP ✔ Kikou Heidan J-Phoenix Joshouhen
List of airline codes
en Vol CENTEV France CNL Centennial Airlines WYO-AIR United States CNS Cobalt Air LLC CHRONOS United States CVO Center Vol CENTERVOL Spain CTS Center-South

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