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856D4D856D4D856D4D856D4D856D4D13310977French Bistre 🎨 RGB Color Code: #856D4D

The hexadecimal RGB code of French Bistre color is #856D4D. This code is composed of a hexadecimal 85 red (133/256), a 6D green (109/256) and a 4D blue component (77/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(133,109,77). Closest WebSafe color: Copper rose (#996666)
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French bistre, which is the tone of bistre called bistre in the color list, a color list widely popular in France. For pictures of bistre
List of colors (compact)
(web) French beige French bistre French blue French fuchsia French lilac French lime French mauve French pink French raspberry French rose French sky blue
List of colors: A–F
120° 61% 34% 76% 55% French beige #A67B5B 65% 48% 36% 26° 30% 50% 45% 65% French bistre #856D4D 52% 43% 30% 34° 27% 41% 42% 52% French blue #0072BB 0% 45%
are most commonly found in black, white, and sanguine tones, as well as bistre, shades of grey, and other colors. Colors sets are especially useful for
List of highest-grossing Punjabi films
Jasmine (19 July 2015). "The turbaned prince". Spectrum. The Tribune. "Manje Bistre worldwide box office collection: Gippy Grewal film emerges as biggest money
List of French words of Germanic origin (A-B)
This list of French words of Germanic origin is a dictionary of standard modern French words and phrases deriving from any Germanic language of any period
Bister may refer to: Bister, Switzerland, a village in the canton of Valais Bistre, a pigment and color Bicester, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Bister, "abrupt"
Ritter Sport
à la Mousse au Chocolat – dark chocolate filled with chocolate mousse (Bistre Wrapper) Williams Birne Trüffel – dark chocolate filled with Poire Williams
south. The walls were decorated with frescoes and a band of large red, bistre and black roses. A door at the north end of the hall opened into a well-lit
Hermes (Greek stamp)
except for the two smallest values, the 1 lepton, brown, and the 2 lepta, bistre. All further printings took place in Athens and the stamps remained in use

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