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C53151C53151C53151C53151C531511974981Dingy Dungeon 🎨 RGB Color Code: #C53151

The hexadecimal RGB code of Dingy Dungeon color is #C53151. This code is composed of a hexadecimal C5 red (197/256), a 31 green (49/256) and a 51 blue component (81/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(197,49,81). Closest WebSafe color: Cerise (#CC3366)
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List of colors (compact)
Sparkle Deep Taupe Denim Denim Blue Desert Desert sand Diamond Dim gray Dingy Dungeon Dirt Dodger blue Dogwood rose Duke blue Dutch white Earth yellow Ebony
Larry Smith (puppeteer)
Snarfie R. Dog) Big Red the Red Rock-Eater (who lived in "The Dirty Dingy Dungeon") Teaser the Mouse Rudy the Rooster Smith ostensibly retired in 2000
List of Crayola crayon colors
  Big Foot Feet Tan #D99A6C   Booger Buster Spring Green #ECEBBD   Dingy Dungeon Maroon #C32148   Gargoyle Gas Dandelion #FED85D   Giant's Club Chestnut
List of Horrid Henry characters
robot that appeared in Horrid Henry's Aquarium. He gives tickets to the Dingy Dungeon. It is thought that he wasn't put together properly as he has some technical
Onaeme hill
suffering of infants and pregnant women in the concentration camps, (3) dingy dungeon filled with human urine and dung, (4) dismantling of the best houses
Zig & Sharko
crashes his ship into the island and is forced to return home via a rubber dingy. Throughout the first season, several episodes featured the supporting character
Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down
including myself...have found themselves no closer to peace of mind than a dingy backroom, on some lonely Sunday morning, with it comin' down all around
Madame du Barry
to find some sort of income to help herself live, and thus traveled the dingy streets of Paris carrying a box full of trinkets for sale. Over time she
The Woman Eater
Review' in 1959 was unimpressed by the laboratory set with its 'dark and dingy brick-walled basements and hundreds of bubbling or smoking test tubes and
Imperial War Museum
from 1960 to 1982, described the museum's galleries in 1955 as appearing "dingy and neglected [and in a] dismal state of decay" the museum's "numerous stunning

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