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E2725BE2725BE2725BE2725BE2725B22611491Terra Cotta 🎨 RGB Color Code: #E2725B

The hexadecimal RGB code of Terra Cotta color is #E2725B. This code is composed of a hexadecimal E2 red (226/256), a 72 green (114/256) and a 5B blue component (91/256). The decimal RGB color code is rgb(226,114,91). Closest WebSafe color: Fuzzy Wuzzy (#CC6666)
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Terracotta, terra cotta, or terra-cotta (pronounced [ˌtɛrraˈkɔtta]; Italian: "baked earth", literally "cooked earth", from the Latin terra cocta), in its
Terracotta Army
000-Man Terra Cotta Army Dies At 82". "Army of Terracotta Warriors". Lonely Planet. "Discoveries May Rewrite History of China's Terra-Cotta Warriors"
Glazed architectural terra-cotta
Glazed architectural terra cotta is a ceramic masonry building material used as a decorative skin. It was popular in the United States from the late 19th
Terra Cotta (disambiguation)
Terra Cotta (or terracotta) is a clay-based ceramic material, and objects made in it. Terra Cotta or terracotta may also refer to: Terra Cotta, California
Architectural terracotta
"Graeco-Buddhist Terra Cotta Head". Bulletin of the Pennsylvania Museum. 18 (1): 5–7. 1922. doi:10.2307/3794024. JSTOR 3794024. "On the Older Forms of Terra-Cotta Roofing
Terra Cotta, California
Terra Cotta, California is a former mining town in Riverside County. It was established in 1887, in the Warm Springs Valley northwest of the town of Lake
A Terra-Cotta Warrior
A Terra-Cotta Warrior, also known as Fight and Love with a Terracotta Warrior, is a 1990 Hong Kong film based on the novel by Lilian Lee, directed by
Eastern Columbia Building
many other sections of downtown, due to its bright "melting turquoise" terra cotta tiles and trademark four-sided clock tower, emblazoned with the word
Architectural sculpture in the United States
carved stone such as brownstone, terra cotta, cast iron, machine pressed sheet zinc, concrete and other materials. Terra cotta formed in plaster molds started
Salmon (color)
colors light salmon and salmon shown above, it is used in HTML and CSS. Terra cotta is a color that resembles terracotta pottery. List of colors Maerz and

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